19 maio 2011

let me tell you something...

there are days, unhappy days, where you find out someone you really care about it's gone, gone for good. those days usually come with no warning, believe me, i know what i'm talking about. the moment you discovered that, your feet.. they have no floor. you feel like falling and there's nothing, nothing that can bring you back. there's also the hard time of accepting the news. you do every little thing to convince yourself that tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, you will meet up with him, and he will be just fine. i wish.
then after denial, you try to see a rason for that happening, but you simply won't find it. you'll go back days and years... what ever it takes to find something that person might have done wrong, to be punished like that. after that, you'll start to go back on your actions, and regret everything you did, or said or thought, cause that might have come out wrong or somehow, you didn't say enough. you know... it's never enough. not enough time, not enough touch, not enough you. life is just too short.
but i'll keep missing you. and the text had to be in english, cause you know, it was for you. 

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