13 novembro 2010


Hey pumpkin!
What’s up? Are you ok? I hope so. I have something to say to you... That I actually imagined that I wouldn’t have to say to anybody. Especially you my dearly wife. You see, some months ago, I met a wonderful girl named Paula. She was brazilian and I fell for her the first time I met her. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Then I missed her to this guy Johnny and the time that I went to Brazil. I couldn’t see her. As the matter i fact, I was diagnosed with cancer. My life has changer ever since. People don’t talk to me as usual. I’m not treated the same way. 
I’m scared actually. I was too weak to enter the ICQ to talk to my new best friend. I was getting better when weeks later, the treatment failed. Now, closest to death than never, I write this to you. For you to have a memory from your friend Dan. I love you pumpkin, for real. You’re tight. Well, I’m ashamed of never be able to meet you. I guess that’s the end. Live life the way it should be. Don’t be afraid. Chase your dreams and get the fulfilled. I’ll miss you forever.

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